2021 / 2022 Season

Please complete this form and return to whiritoasls.members@gmail.com along with your family’s membership forms.

Pre-season registration for the various junior surf programs such as Sand Crabs, Nippers, Cadets, Rookies and Trainees is really important. This helps us to prepare lessons and assign the right number of coaches. It also means that you will not need to complete any paperwork on Registration day at the club.  

Parents also play a huge role in Junior Surf, so we encourage all parents to take the opportunity to become active contributors to the programme. Your help during training sessions is always required and appreciated by the group leaders whether setting up equipment, cleaning and packing away the gear, helping on the beach or being involved in the water - please read the “Safety First” section below.

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Form Submitted

Safety First


For safety reasons your child will be signed in at the beginning, and signed out at the end of the session. This will be done by the Coach in charge. If your child needs to leave early, or arrives late, please ensure that they are made aware the sign in/sign out procedure must be adhered to.


Is another STRICT mandatory safety requirement, we require a minimum supervision ratio (in any water activity, regardless of depth) of 1 adult IN THE WATER per 5 children. On rough days, we will increase this number. If we cannot reach the required ratio, the water events will be cancelled.


In addition to the ‘in-water’ 5:1 ratio we must also have 1 qualified lifeguard per 20 children in the water. One of the best ways to help at the beach is to become a lifeguard.


For safety visibility reasons participants must wear a hi-vis vest and skull cap during training.


All junior members who wish to use foam or fibreglass paddleboards and/or swim beyond waist depth must pass their 200m safety test. This is a mandatory safety requirement which demonstrates that junior members are confident in the ocean and capable of returning to shore if they are separated from their equipment. This test must be repeated yearly and must be sighted by a Whiritoa coach. Junior members must have the badge fixed to their togs or beanie and they must also wear their high visibility safety vest.

Junior Members must swim 200 metres (using any stroke) in either ocean or pool. Following the 200 metre swim candidates will be expected to tread water for 1 minute. This 1 minute of treading water is included within the total time allocation. The pool swim is 8 minutes total with swim to be completed within 7 minutes and the ocean swim is 10 minutes with swim to be completed within 9minutes. It is expected that candidates will demonstrate they are confident in the ocean and are capable of returning to shore if they are separated from their equipment.

If the coaches are not confident that a member is a strong enough swimmer to tackle the conditions, whether it be training or at a carnival, they will stop the member taking part. This is not done lightly and is only done for the member’s safety.


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